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CubHub combines leading edge cloud technology with proven business and clinical best practices to give your company a competitive advantage in a crowded market. Give clinicians and referral sources a tangible reason to choose you beyond the same old promises of quality and caring.  


Simple, Elegant Design

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CubHub brings an intuitive design that keeps your team from having to learn a new "language" when transitioning to the system. Most training can be done via short web videos at cubhubsystems.com, which saves valuable time. Each user interface presents the information you need in the moment, thus reducing the number of clicks, screen switches, and report generations. CubHub was created for people who need to spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen, so users will find fewer outdated icons and more engaging images and colors.

Outcomes Tracking and Scoring


Healthcare is changing, and companies that don't embrace the new data-driven world will fall behind. Managed Care Organizations are squeezing reimbursement, and most providers have few tools with which to fight. CubHub gives you real-time tracking of patient outcomes, and reporting that can be customized to tell your story. You and your team are doing great work, but if you cannot prove it is working then it cannot be leveraged. Go into physician offices, hospitals, and insurance negotiations with the confidence that comes with hard data. You've done the hard part, now get the credit you deserve!

Integrated Workflow


CubHub incorporates Pediatric Workflow best practices that predict what you need as you move through the system. From factor-based scheduling to clinical assessments that match goals and actions, CubHub just gets you. The Notes feature is accessible from most screens and gives your team a quick and easy way to track conversations, set a reminder, document issues, and collaborate like never before. Patient families often rate communication as a key reason for choosing a provider. Set your company up for success with CubHub.

Mobile App Point of Care


Ready to go paperless? CubHub's got you covered. Transitioning PDN to electronic point of care has always come with the challenge of deploying laptops or tablets to everyone. Aside from the capital expense, do you want to be in the device business? No. That's why CubHub allows your field team to use their own smartphone or tablet. They will love the freedom of not having to carry a paper chart or be responsible for a computer, and you will love focusing on what you know best, rather than hardware troubleshooting. With CubHub, everybody wins.

CubHub, Version 1.4 Now Available

This quick video will show you some of the improvements and updated features.

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