CubHub is a platform built specifically for pediatrics, rather than a Medicare-centered program with pediatric “work arounds.”

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Our home health app cuts costs and improves compliance. Clinicians love our pediatric EMR software. It's easier than paper charting.

Here’s what we all know: Pediatric home healthcare requires people who can react and adapt to changes in our industry. You need more than a developer. You need a pediatric emr team that follows home health on a daily basis, so you can stay ahead without any headaches.

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Private Duty Nursing

PDN is unlike other home health, and we get that. The workflow in CubHub's home care scheduling software matches what your team does, and gives you powerful tools to deliver a better experience to patients and nurses.

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Pediatric Therapy

CubHub makes every aspect of managing pediatric therapy easier by allowing your team to focus on the things that improve outcomes, and eliminating the clutter of medicare-based systems.  

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Our History

We own a pediatric private duty nursing company, based in Texas. We had trouble finding software that truly worked the way we needed it to, so we developed CubHub, a platform specifically for pediatrics.

CubHub's design team included Pediatric Therapists and Pediatric Administrators who have built successful pediatric therapy operations while delivering amazing outcomes. The result is a pediatric therapy software system that features best practices for all disciplines, and an integrated workflow that keeps everyone on the same page. With CubHub’s electronic medical charting systems, you’re sure to stay ahead of the curve.