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CubHub is more than a pediatric software provider. Our team connects with your pediatric nursing or home health therapy business to successfully navigate the changes in our industry. We offer the resources you need, plus the guidance of a strategic consultant.


Navigating the Maze (eBook) 

In this ebook, you'll learn 4 things every pediatric homecare business owner should know about working with Medicaid MCOs — from contract negotiation to keeping track of everything. With this simple guide, CubHub provides an invaluable tool to help you prioritize your homecare business goals when working with Managed Care Organizations.


Understanding MCOs (commentary)

Texas is now an MCO world, and we're all just living in it. If you operate a pediatric nursing or therapy company you know that some things have not been as bad as your worst fears, while other challenges are beyond your wildest dreams. So where is this headed? What can you do? Commentary by Cole Ballweg


3 Things You Should Look for in a Pediatric EMR

This title is a bit misleading, since your software wasn’t built for pediatrics. It was designed for Medicare home health, but you already knew that. You get daily reminders as you navigate the endless icons, dashboards, workflows, and nomenclature that have little or nothing to do with your actual business.


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